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We are ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001,Certified company.
Our products are constantly developed to meet
the requirements of our customers.
Production process
        Forming (Automotive parts , packaging)
 Mold Making
      •  Needle Punch Carpet
      •  PVC Floor MAT , Floor Carpet , Silencer roof pad
      •  Inner Insulator dash
      •  Engine outer dash
      •  Luggage Trim , Trim back panel
      •  RR. Pacel shelf , Upper back cover
      •  Service hole

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     At our company , we believe in individual worth and integrity.
All functions within our organization have real value.We are
working as a team with integrity and committed to contribution to
our communities, customers, team members, our society and
environment.Focuses in developing hight quality products
to meet the requirement of the customer.


    For those who are interested to work with us.The company
encourages our staff to work by utilizing their talent and
creativity . Our vision is to grow up together with our people.
Our company offers competitive salary and remuneration to
the employees.

Automotive carpets,Interior Part and Insulators